Welcome to Phoenix Throwers

We are a small group dedicated to the art of knife and tomahawk throwing. 

Our aim is to promote a safe and fun environment in which to learn and practice the great sport of knife, Axe and Tomahawk throwing.

We meet every Sunday 9am – 4pm and every Wednesday 4.30pm – 9pm at our home range which is in Bilton.

We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced throwers. 


                                 DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS PLEASE CALL OR MESSAGE 07508917602 BEFORE YOU ATTEND THE RANGE –                                     Further information and guidance can be found by clicking HERE


About Us

Who We Are

We are a small group dedicated to the art of knife, Axe and tomahawk throwing. 
Our aim is to promote a safe and fun environment in which to practice the great sport of knife, axe and tomahawk throwing.
We meet every Sunday at our home range.

Our home range is based on the grounds at the village hall in Bilton. Directions to our range can be found on our contact page or by clicking Here.

Our regular meetings in Bilton are very informal so please come along and have a go – you don’t need to be a member or join but we do encourage you to say hello in our Facebook group which can be accessed by clicking Here.

We have lots of throwing knives, tomahawks, axes, etc that you can use. We try to accommodate all styles of throwing and things to throw, though of course safety is the first consideration.

We are a fully insured club. All of our Instructors are trained professionals and are DBS checked.

If anyone under the age of 18 wishes to attend they must be accompanied by an adult, who will supervise them throughout the training sessions.

What Happens On Your First Visit?

On arrival you will be asked to sign in, then the safety and club rules will be explained.

One of our instructors will then teach you the basics of throwing knives and axes.

The cost is only £7.50 for your first Visit (which includes tuition and equipment needed) and then £10 per day thereafter. 


Our 2020 Fees are –

        Taster Session (2.5 hrs) – £7.50 pp 


Day Throwers (non members) – £10.00 pp
Day Throwers (members) – £8.00 pp


  Should you decide to become a member of our club there is a fee of £15. This includes Joining Certificate, Embroidered patch, Two Case stickers and a membership card, it also entitles you to a £2 discount on range days. 

We are a non profit organisation and all fees are put straight back into the club. The fees are to maintain the range and throwing equipment. Should you need any more information then please get in contact with us via our web form or contact numbers.