1. Every thrower is responsible for the safety of themselves, other throwers and spectators.  
  2. Beginners should stand and throw from no further forward than the heel of their leading foot being on the 3-metre mark. 
  3. Beginners will only be allowed to progress from the 3m line when they have shown a competency in throwing. 
  4. Throwers under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult on the throwing range.  
  5. Suitable footwear must always be worn.  
  6. Anyone thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated and asked to leave the range. 
  7. Throwers should be aware that projectiles may clash and cause spikes or metal burrs which may cause injury to the hands (regular inspections of the projectiles should take place), be aware that any projectile may bounce back and cause injury and should always retrieve their projectiles from the targets before picking others up from the floor and retrieve them from the targets in a safe manner. 
  8. Any projectile will only be thrown at the provided wooden targets. PHOENIX TARGET Sports does not condone throwing around or at live targets. 
  9. Knives of 12″ minimum length and tomahawks with 12″ minimum length handle may be used. Anything else must be authorised by the range master. The rangemaster has the final say on anything that can be considered unsafe to throw. 
  10. By taking part throwers are showing their fitness to throw. However, regular breaks are strongly advised.  
  11. If the throwing lane(s) next to the thrower is occupied, then they should wait while the other thrower (s) have stopped throwing before retrieving their knives/hawks. (This is unless there is enough safety space between lanes) 

If in doubt, ASK! Someone will always know the answer and will be there to advise and help.